Heath Q&A

What was it like to draw pictures of nits?
Drawing pictures of nits was a lot of fun once I got past the bit where I had to study pictures of actual nits to design my nit characters—theyr'e not pretty things to  look at! After that however, loads of fun—it's always fun to draw creepy crawly gross things!

Did working on this book make you itchy?
Working on this book did not make me itchy, but something else seemed to be during the process, so I best sort that out!

Have you ever had nits?
Mysteriously and fortunately enough—no—never had nits! I knew and continue to meet those who have or had—but not me! Teachers searched and searched my scalp (sometimes unnecessarily roughly) but never found a nit!

Did you ever know anyone like Lewis? Or anyone like Ned?
I'm afraid I've never met a Lewis. Everyone I've ever come across with nits was pretty pleased to be rid of them, though they tended to not enjoy the process required to remove them! On the other hand, regarding knowing anyone like Ned? I've never met a nit I didn't like—generally because they were happily on someone else's head at the time!

What's your favourite/least favourite bug?
My favourite bug/insecty thing would probably be the bee! They're like tiny dancing chefs—they make honey and communicate through dance, and wear lovely stripey jumpers! Who wouldn't love a bee?!
My least favourite insect would have to be the mosquito, particularly in the middle of the night, when it seems to be soooo close to my ear but every attempt to find it proves useless... and so it comes back again... why do they insist on hanging round our ears in the night? Why?!!

Do you have any pets?
Yes, I have a small Pomernaian/Chihuahua (I probably didn't need to mention the 'small' part really!) His name's Eddie, he looks a bit like a fox and is an excellent guard dog. Sometimes he barks at nothing—just in case something might turn up any moment!

The best thing about drawing for a living?
The bit where I get to draw for a living! And working from home—that's nice too—I can go to work in my pyjamas even when it's NOT 'Go to work in your pyjamas' day.


Heath McKenzie
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